Friday, February 1, 2008

Movie - Feet Unbound

Seventy years later, women who survived the Long March of the Red Army tell their stories. Meanwhile, a Chinese journalist follows the same route on a voyage of discovery all her own.

This film is about a minor but ill-fated component of the Long March - most of the teenage girls were slaughtered, captured, etc and tragically, later, their leader turns traitor! The film includes interviews with veterans; the production notes say the women were between 83 - 95 years old with an average age of 90."

Movie Website

From the production notes - Feet Unbound was inspired by the books Women Of The Long March (Allen & Unwin) by Lily Xiao Hong Lee and Sue Wiles, and Choosing Revolution: Chinese Women Soldiers On The Long March (University of Illinois Press) by Helen Praeger Young.

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