Friday, February 27, 2009

Singapore Indie Doc Fest (Chinese Independent Films)

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SATURDAY 14 MARCH : China Indie Doc Focus

China is rising into world power and is developing at an unprecedented pace in a bid to catch up with the rest of the developed nations. The giant People's Republic of China is changing, from closed-door communism to an open embrace of economic capitalism. Teething problems abound and the disharmonious undercurrents of social change on the ground are hardly the topics of choice to be put up for discussion by the ruling government.

Let these indie docs shed some light and show what the man on the street in China is facing as national development intrudes into their lives. Curated by Paul Pickowicz.

SESSION 1: 1:30pm to 3:30pm / The Substation Theatre / 122 mins total / $7 & $5 (conc.) Who Killed Our Children? / China / 2008 / 92 mins / Pan Jianlin & Zhang Lei / NC16 (Some Coarse Language)

SESSION 2: 4pm to 6:30pm / The Substation Theatre / 138 mins total / $7 & $5 (conc.) Care and Love / China / 2008 / 108 mins / Ai Xiaoming / PG (some disturbing scenes)

SESSION 3: 7:15pm to 9:45pm / The Substation Theatre/ 144 mins total / $7 & $5 (conc.) Readymade / China / 2008 / 81 mins / Zhang Bingjian / Chinese with English subtitles / PG ; Starkers, the Naked Life of Qin Yongjian / China / 2007 / 33 mins / Gu Tao / R21 (Nudity)... ummmm.. you're probably underaged for this one...


SESSION 2: 9pm to 10:15pm / The Substation Theatre / 74 mins total / $7 & $5 (conc.) Please Vote for Me / China / 2007 / 58 mins / Chen Weijun / PG - See trailer
In an elementary school in the city of Wuhan in central China, three eight-year-old students campaign for the coveted position of class monitor. This is the first election for a class leader to be held in China. The three candidates hold debates, campaign tirelessly and show their intellectual and artistic skills, until one is voted the winner.

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